Toodles, dry skin with Emulsion Cosmetics.

Our skin craves hydration. Most of us have been through countless moisturisers in our lifetime. Finding the correct one with lasting hydration can be daunting. My skin has been in what seems a constant state of change since I turned 40. I grew up in the dry Texas heat, and a few years ago moved to finicky weathered England. I had been using Peter Thomas Roth Firm X Night Cream for years and boosted so highly of it. Sadly, my dream cream has now disappeared from the PTR website, but not all hope is lost!

Oddly enough when I moved to England, I thought my skin would be its best with the humidity. Boy, was I wrong…it felt drier and more chapped than ever. When the time came to purchase another moisturiser, I was overwhelmed with another world of products and UK companies I had never been familiar with. To try to narrow down some companies and explore what I was missing, I tried a few subscription boxes. Most of them to my disappointment, hardly giving you enough product to really notice a difference. I stumbled onto, the UK subscription box Latest In Beauty, and from my first box have been delighted. 

I received three full size Emulsion UK products:

  • FACE CREAM BASE : an unfragranced mix of natural oils and Vitamin E
  • MATTE MAKER : an add on, an oil ideal for oily skin, anti-drying mix of natural oils for a matte finish 
  • KIND KARMA : an add-on, an oil rich in antioxidants

Emulsion really took me by surprise and honestly was confused by it in the beginning. Mixing your own products was something completely new to me. In a nutshell, Emulsion, is a skin, body and hair care company which allows you tailor products to your needs by using one of their “bases” + “mix”. You become your own perfect product chef or you can just use the bases alone. 

I have combination skin and always strive to have a more matte complexion versus a dewy one. Emulsion Face Cream Base, is unscented and has a beautiful consistency, which feels like a light whipped cream. I used it and added Matte Maker day and night for a couple of weeks. I thought there is no way an oil can make me look and feel matte, but it literally melted into my skin.

During the day, the mixture set a surprisingly beautiful base for my makeup, and really noticed the matte effect without it leaving my skin dry. After a few weeks, I then ventured into adding Kind Karma to Face Cream Base at nighttime, with excellent results of soft, plump skin in the morning. 

I am in love with these three products, they are versatile and literally anyone can explore their own recipe to suit their needs. Plus I love that their products are animal cruelty free and all vegan minus the conditioner that contains honey. 

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