Jeffree Star pow(d)er.

I am a huge fan of Jeffree Star and have been since his early days on MySpace. I am an even bigger fan of his Velour Lip Scrubs and Lip Ammunition Lipstick. “Redrum” has been consistently in my red lipstick rotation and wear it all year around. When Jeffree announced that he would be introducing his setting powders and concealers, I was in! To my surprise, it launched Friday, April 19th, 2019 in the UK too. It was awesome to not have to wait long, we usually have later launches than the US. I do not normally use concealer and not to mention my color was sold out a few minutes of receiving the email notification that the products launched. Luckily, I did manage to get the Magic Star Setting Powder in Translucent, almost all shades sold out just as quickly as the concealer.

Setting powder used to be foreign to me, until about three years ago. It was a game changer for me, and wondered how I ever lived without it before. RCMA’s No Color Powder had been my go to for years. It has been difficult for me to budge and try others as it has worked perfect for me.

First, I have to applaud Jeffree for creating a variety of shades. Eight shades to be exact. As usual the packaging is everything I expected, playful yet glamorous. Packaged in a soft pink cardboard, the powder is housed within metallic pink lid with the embossed Jeffree Star logo and clear container.

It is great that it has a twist open/close metallic pink wheel, allowing for easy transport without the mess.

As I removed the tab, I got a glorious whiff of cotton candy or in the UK appropriately called, candy floss. Sweet fans alone will adore this touch. I dusted it on after applying NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Foundation. The consistency is very finely milled and using a Sigma Max Kabuki brush it blended out flawlessly with no white cast.

Plus the light scent of cotton candy lingers on your face for a little while and frankly, a huge bonus for me. I have been wearing it now for two days and through the heat and my watery allergy eyes, as well as after a workout…it held up my matte look beautifully. Yay, Jeffree! This powder is on the road to stardom! RCMA will be going into the drawer for now. I can not wait to see what Jeffree has in store for us next!

Hi flawless, how are ya?

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