Yes To’s Grapefruit Unicorn Clay Cleanser, is it magical?

Back in the in 80’s when I used to collect stickers to today…unicorns, rainbows and sparkles are those things that make you smile. How could I resist to try the Yes to Grapefruit’s Vitamin C Glow Boosting Unicorn Transforming Clay Cleanser.  Wow! Now that is a mouthful! 

I have seen Yes To products for years, pretty much everywhere and could not believe this is the first time I have tried any of their products. I love grapefruit and well quite frankly they got me at unicorn and Vitamin C. I am a faithful user of Vitamin C products to target hyperpigmentation and overall brighten my complexion.

Yes To products are all cruelty free, made of 95% natural ingredients and does not contain parabens. The cleanser is packed in a good sized tube with pretty iridescent labelling. When opening it it has the faint smell of grapefruit and is a thick, heavy consistency.

I was really eager to try the product and watch the color transition, as the product states it will magically change from pink to yellow when it has finished cleansing the skin. Once it turns yellow, rinse it off with warm water. Initially I was thinking hmmmmm, where is the pink? The product actually comes out a peach color. Not the party pink I was highly anticipating. I waited 5 mins, then 7 mins, one night I left it on 10 mins and still no color change! It was a bit frustrating because the color change is the indicator of when to rinse it off and always left me wondering when it was ready.

No color change, but left a nice healthy glow.

Unfortunately that was my first let down, and that took the fun aspect out of the cleanser. Ok, I could get over the disappointment of no color change, after all the most important thing is that the product does what it is says it will accomplish. 

After rinsing it off, my skin looked really great, but didn’t feel great. Ugh! You can really notice the brightness…but left my skin so dry! There is nothing I dislike more than a product that leaves you with dried out skin. Just to make sure I gave this product a fair shot, I used the cleanser for a week, skipped a week and tried again the next week…and continuously ended up with the same results. It does brighten, but continued to dry out my skin.

I am not going to jump over rainbows for this product nor give it a sparkling review…just because it did half of what it said it would do. It is definitely great for brightening, but I did not enjoy guessing when the product was ready nor the dryness.

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