Herbivore’s Emerald Deep Moisture CBD 100mg oil, a precious gem?

Not purposely trying to steer away from CBD oils, Herbivore’s Emerald 100mg CBD + Adaptogens Deep Moisture Glow Oil, landed in my mailbox a few weeks ago. This was my first Cannabidiol or CBD oil facial product, and could not wait to try it!

The controversy that lies behind CBD oil based products honestly does not concern me. The cannabis plant has proven time and again to behold some amazing healing properties. I have witnessed the beneficial effects the cannabis plant has had on people close to me. Plus well loved hemp seed body lotions I have used throughout the years. With that said, CBD oils, have been studied and continued studies show it’s benefits for people with acne prone skin, redness, skin irritation, anti-aging or simply used for hydration.

This vegan, all natural green powerhouse oil comes in an elegant glass dropper bottle…I love the simplicity of the design. There is the faintest smell of cannabis, quite frankly it smells a bit earthy…it truly is minimal and quickly dissipates. In the same breath, some people may not like the cannabis scent…period. If your extremely sensitive to smell, this may not be the oil for you.

I incorporated it into my normal skin care routine of cleaner-toner-serum-moisturiser, sometimes skipping moisturiser altogether. I use about two dime sized drops and that is enough for me. This oil is so light! Instantly my skin soaked it up. Over the past few weeks I have had no adverse reactions. My face has been quite happy with me, my skin feels gloriously soft, leaving a heavenly natural glow and negates any redness. Plus, I always get excited with a product that layers well with makeup and bingo! it did the job too.

For anyone new to the CBD oils or on the fence with trying one, I would encourage you to invest in a bottle. To keep this review simple, Herbivore’s Emerald, is divine and one that they cleverly named because it is a true gem! Yes, it is a bit pricey (around $58 a bottle) but the results are pure and the only addiction you will develop is how great this makes your skin look and feel! 

Nothing like a natural product that gives you the confidence to have a no makeup day. 

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