Shake it up, with a Dr. Jart face mask.

There is one thing I am easily lured by… great packaging …it is such a perfect bonus when it comes to Korean skincare, it always adds some pop art playfulness to any shelve or bathroom space. In the future it will become more apparent how I am slightly obsessed with K-beauty. For starters I have been eagerly awaiting to try Dr. Jart’s Shake & Shot Rubber Brightening Mask. So let’s begin!!! 

Contains powerful brightening ingredients Vitamin C and Sea Buckthorn extract.

This is a mix-it-yourself mask…I personally love these, it brings out my inner child. First, you want to make sure your skin is clean and be extra cautious with stray hairs. Quickly empty envelope 1 and then 2 in the cup provided. Add the cap and place your finger covering the mouth hole and shake it up! (yes, The Cars song was playing in my head) Make sure you use the product within 2-3 minutes, it starts to solidify pretty fast. Then use the spatula (straw) to apply. It’s a bit messy with an almost jelly like texture with no scent, and if your like me you’ll find applying this quite fun…even though you end up looking like you dripped a candle on your face to create a creepy wax mask. Onto the super fun step…wait around 20 minutes and start to peel the mask off. It comes off with such ease and did not tug at the skin at all.

the blob vs. fresh face.

As suggested on Dr. Jart’s website, I applied a small sample of the Dr. Jart Peptidin Radiance Serum I received. It’s absolutely not necessary to use (in my opinion) because your skin feels amazing after this mask. However it gave me a good excuse to try this sample…in a nutshell it added an extra boost of glow and will be nice on the days I don’t use a face sheet or mask.

This Dr. Jart Shake & Shot Brightening Mask is a little more pricey at around $12…but it’s definitely worth it! I have to give this 2 thumbs way up…it’s a perfect skin treat! Not only was it fun, it felt wonderful and cooling when it was on. After peeling it off I noticed instant results, my skin looked and felt radiant! This is exactly what the Dr. (Jart) ordered!

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