Feeling the glam? Ipsy Bag July 2019.

I have been waiting and waiting to receive and review my first Ipsy Glam Bag subscription for over a month and a half. After receiving a “your package has been shipped” email, it sat in a DHL delivery jail for 1 day shy of 2 weeks. I read reviews that lengthy shipping times have been an issue for quite some time, but now I can personally confirm it. On the upside, it finally arrived and I was quite pleased upon opening the hot pink metallic bubble mailer.

I was greeted by a bold graphic palm tree leaf makeup bag. Makeup bags are something I personally can’t get enough of…and this is actually decent quality.

With Ipsy, upon your subscription you fill out a profile and they curate each monthly bag according to your profile choices. I know the gamble that we all take when receiving curated boxes and the constant wonder of what delights or horror you’ll receive each month. I still don’t believe filling out a profile makes much difference to what you receive…because if their computer system had any intelligence, I would not be receiving the color options I did this month. 

Contents of the Ipsy bag: 5 items + free gift.

  • Smashbox Lipstick in Babe Alert (mini) – I’ve used Smashbox products for years, I love Smashbox. This is not my color, but no biggie, I’ll throw it on for fun one day.
  • Billion Dollar Brows eyebrow brush (full size) – I was shocked to find out that this brush retails for $16. This is nothing special and arrived bent, I’d change the name to Six Dollar Brows.
  • Huda Beauty Lip Strobe in Saucey (full size, also a free gift) – shockingly, this is my very first Huda Beauty anything. I’m impressed with the high pigment, it’s quite lovely on the lips and with all the brilliant mini metallic light reflectors it will make you feel like a disco queen.
  • Feel Mindful Palo Santo Soothing Mask (29ml) – as a face mask addict, I love this one…it is light and creamy and very easy to wash off, it left my skin so soft and with a matte finish, but the highlight of this mask is the amazing fragrance from the Palo Santo oil that worked magically to instantly uplift my spirits.
  • The Balm eyeshadow in He Said, She Said (1.2g, mini) – another brand I’ve loved for years, along with their packaging humour. I’m generally pleased with most of the pigments in their eyeshadows and blushes. This eyeshadow just rocks with a creamy, long wearing beaming gold and lavender shimmer.
  • ColorClub nail polish in Palm to Palm – (full size) I love receiving nail polishes, since I was a child I’ve been obsessed with painting my nails…and this color screams fun! I can tell how rich the formula is, I only needed 2 coats to achieve a non-streak vivid opaque color.

Despite the few cons that that they missed the color mark on the lipsticks, a bent brush, and the delivery time was a bit irritating. Overall, Ipsy Glam Bag left a good first impression on me. It was great straight from the bag! I hope that they might eventually extend this subscription to the UK, but glad I got to experience Ipsy while visiting the states. I can definitely see why at $10 a month this is a very affordable favorite.

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