The Saem, gold snail bar, is it worth its weight in gold?

Maybe it was my fascination of ancient Egypt and Cleopatra’s skin care regimen that enticed me to purchase the Gold Snail Bar from Korean skincare brand, The Saem. I hadn’t yet jumped on the 24k gold infusion skincare products bandwagon, so there was no better time to dip right in. 

I haven’t run across many, if any, gold bar shaped soaps in my life, so this aesthetically was a novelty to have. Beyond the gleaming gold packaging, after opening you’ll find a pretty bar with baby flecks of 24k gold.

The Saem’s Gold Snail soap is free from sulfates, paraben, alcohol, synthetic fragrance, gluten, and comes in a good sized 100g size.

It contains a simple list of beneficial skincare ingredients:

  • 24k gold
  • snail mucin (one of my favourite skincare ingredients, and I will go into greater detail in a future blog)
  • golden olive oil
  • hyaluronic acid

The soap has an odd floral fragrance that may not appeal to some. I personally am not a huge floral fragrance fan, but it is not terrible. Luckily, it doesn’t linger or it might have gotten sickly. The soap builds a ultra soft rich lather which I quite enjoyed.

It began to go downhill when I washed it off! Ugh! As much as I wanted to love this soap, I couldn’t completely. It left an indescribable tacky residue that dissipated. Then ultimately left my face and hands feeling a bit dry. In the end The Saem’s Gold Snail Bar just didn’t feel as luxurious as expected nor did I notice any major positive skin changing results after use. I did love how washing my face in 24k gold made me feel like a queen. If anything this is best kept as a golden novelty soap and I’ll keep digging for more 24k gold to try.

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