The K-Beauty Box, monthly box #1.

Hooray! Straight from Korea, The K-Beauty Box, one of my most highly anticipated skincare subscription boxes finally arrived! This is their very first subscription box, although they also have skincare/makeup k-beauty bundles for sale on their website.

The package came within a week and a half from ordering, which is amazing considering my luck with shipping on previous beauty boxes I have reviewed. 

To my delight, this was wrapped in a pretty purple pastel box. Along with a pamphlet describing every item and a brief description how to use each product. (Which is so beneficial since some product packaging is mainly in Korean, they don’t leave you confused or having to translate how to use a product.)

Contents of July 2019 K-Beauty Box:

  • Innisfree Green Tea Foam Cleanser (150ml) – I’ve been obsessed with this cleanser. It not only is the soft green tea scent delightful, it builds a rich lather and takes my makeup off beautifully.
  • Primera Facial Mild Peeling (15ml) – I love the simplicity of this very gentle exfoliator. Massage on for 30 seconds, wash off, done! It teamed up nicely after the Innisfree Cleanser.
  • Hanyul Rice Essential Skin Mist (30ml) – this is a hydrating mist with fermented rice extract. I’ve been insanely using this, although I don’t feel the hydration lasts, the light scent and feel is very refreshing.
  • Laneige Essential Power Skin Refiner (25ml) – I’m already a mega Laneige fan, this is a great everyday toner. Unlike most of my favourite toners, this really adds some hydration after cleansing.
  • Laneige Essential Balancing Emulsion (25ml) – this is not a new product to me, I have used this in the past and it’s fabulous light moisturiser. It absorbs quickly, great for a day moisturiser and has a mild scent.
  • Etude House Etta Hair Band – there is no denying how adorable this hair band is…in fact I had ordered one for a dear friend and myself prior to receiving this box. I think it’s just a tad bit snug, but surely doesn’t stop me from using it!

Bonus items: (I haven’t tried just yet.)

  • Iope Super Vital Emulsion (5ml)
  • Iope Super Vital Softener (5ml)

If you are a skincare, k-beauty fanatic, or both…or better yet looking into trying k-beauty, this is an excellent box to try new products filled with South Korean Amorepacific Cosmetics Company owned brands. It makes we wonder if this is distributed by the company, and if we will continue to see Amorepacific brands in each monthly box. If that is the case, that is more than fine with me, Amorepacific houses a wealth of beloved k-beauty brands. Although it may sound a little pricey, the subscription price is $29.95 a month + free worldwide shipping and there are codes on the website for a few dollars off your first box. I really enjoyed every aspect of this box and I’m definitely going to be continuing my subscription! Ohhh can’t wait to see what August brings!

Do you have a favourite k-beauty subscription box? I’d love to hear!

Cheers! 💋 Anna

6 replies to “The K-Beauty Box, monthly box #1.

  1. Thanks for another great review! I love K-beauty subscription boxes and I like that it seems to be only recognizable brands in this box. Some other subscription boxes I tried before tend to fill out with no-name products and when it comes to skin care I want the best. Laneige is actually one of my personal favorite brands! I’ll subscribe today and give it a try, thank you for the tip!

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    1. Awesome! Yes, I was so pleased that it was filled with recognisable brands…I do think each person (from the few I’ve seen post on social media) may receive a slight variant of the box but all within the same realm of great brands. Thank you so much Katherine! If you do indeed get the box, I’d love to hear what you received! 😉💕


    1. Your welcome! 💕 I just watched your video on your latest Bella Beauty Box 🤩! luckily, this K-beauty Box does ship worldwide! If you do indeed get it, I’ll be keeping an eye out to see what goodies you received! 💋Anna

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