Jet lag face saviours.

After spending 3 months visiting my family and friends in my home state of Texas, USA… I am now back in the UK with my husband. This time jet lag hit me like a ton of bricks and my skin was a wreck! 

After a few days of rest, I knew something had to be done beyond sleep. I was so graciously given this Shangpree Gold Premium Modeling Mask from a dear friend before I left for my journey. (Thank you Alison! ♥️) Shangpree is a famous spa in Seoul, South Korea and known for their facials and massages, so this sounded like a perfect remedy to wake up my tired, prune faced skin.

This box comes with everything you need:

  • spatula
  • mixing bowl
  • 2 sachets:

Gold gel – activates cell renewal and skin rejuvenation.

Active collagen powder – promotes collagen production and hydration.

It’s super easy to whip together, then apply immediately as it started to congeal pretty quickly. Wait 20-30 mins or in my case I left it on for 40 mins because it felt so nice on.

After peeling this rubber mask off I have to say my skin felt like I got a complete makeover and felt beautifully hydrated with nourishing oils. I didn’t even wash my face for a day because I loved how my face felt and days later can really tell this was the boost my skin desperately needed. As a mask addict, this one ranks high on my list of favourites, and couldn’t recommend it enough.

Hello, refreshed!

My allergies alone have been through the roof and that combined with irritated and what felt like sand in my eyes I was desperate to try anything. I stumbled upon SVR Topialyse Palpebral as I was looking through 3 months worth of Look Fantastic beauty boxes that were waiting for me upon my return. Eye creams are normally a miss for me, but after I applied this on my eyelids and under my eyes, this was instantly soothing, I have to stress soothing! I haven’t stopped using this since my return and will without a doubt be purchasing it again as a staple… it truly is an eye saver! 


  • Glycyrrhizic acid – (extracted from the licorice plant root) contains anti itch and soothing properties.
  • Omega 3, 6, 9 and Hylaronic acid – protects skin barrier and hydrates. 

Now for the lips, I’ve been obsessively using Treat Honey Lip Balm during my whole trip. I never heard about this company before and ran across the their website on a search for flavoured lip balm. Intrigued by the very cool story how this company came about and a choice of delicious flavours, I bought the monthly flavour “honey”.

Oh my does this smell divine and is incredibly addictive!! It’s 3x larger than normal lip balms and glides on. Its made with USDA certified organic ingredients and cruelty free. The balm leaves your lips super soft and tasting kissably yummy. My little niece loved it so much she even tried to eat it! My only regret is that they don’t ship to the UK and I didn’t order about 5 more different flavours. If you live in the US, give these delicious balms a try, they even have free US delivery!

What is your jet lag saviour? I’d love to hear! Cheers!

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