Between the sheets – masks volume #1.

Those who know me, whose who have read my blog and for those who don’t know I am seriously into masking…from masks of all kinds: sheet, rubber, charcoal, clay and we can’t forget Halloween masks. Ha! It’s a great way to treat your skin and I find it to be a perfect way to unwind. This is my new, simple monthly series focusing on sheet mask reviews. A worldly mix of the good, the bad and the non-adhering. 

SKIN 79 – Dark Panda Animal Sheet Mask

For: brightening, dull and hyper-pigmented skin

Star ingredients: 

  • niacinamide (vitamin B3) – whitening 
  • grape seed extract – antioxidants to improve texture and signs of aging
  • jojoba oil – moisturises 

Fragrance: light florals 

Adherence to skin: good 

My thoughts: If you always wanted to be a panda with happy complexion, then this is the mask for you! (also perfect for a playful photo op to send to your family and friends) Packaging suggests to leave on 10-20 mins. I left it on 20 mins. while chewing on a piece of bamboo. I noticed instant brightening after I took it off and the next morning my skin looked bright and refreshed. The remaining essence absorbed quickly into my face and made my hands feel lovely too. My only complaint was that I wish the eye holes were slightly larger, but that wouldn’t deter me from buying another…this was too much fun! 

JAYJUN – Gold Snow Black Mask

For: anti-aging, brightening

Star ingredients:

  • black pearl – heal, firm, brighten and antioxidant protection
  • 24k gold – anti-ageing

Fragrance: very faint florals

Adherence to skin: ok

My thoughts: This mask comes in 2 pieces with small flecks of gold in the essence. It feels like a very high quality thick gold sheet. On the silly side I felt like C-3PO. Super easy to apply, but due to the mask being a little weighty I had to reposition it a few times as it slid down slightly. It recommends 10-20 mins leave on. After 20mins and taking mask off, the remaining essence just didn’t absorb well into my skin even after 30 mins. I had to pat it with a towel to soak up some of the gooey residue. To be honest this mask was a huge let down, as I have loved other JayJun masks before. I didn’t notice any real visible difference nor did my skin feel much different from before I put it on. On a side note, at times I ask my husband to try masks for a second opinion, he tried this one too and oddly turned his skin bright red. It was a bizarre reaction considering that 24k gold should work as an anti-inflammatory. Luckily, after an hour or so his skin calmed down and had no persistent irritation. Sadly, this was a total miss for both of us.

Dewytree – Myung Bonan Mask

For: dull, tired skin, brightening

Star ingredients:

  • prunus (apricot) flower extract – nourishes, moisturises, brightens
  • plum blossom extract – brightens

Fragrance: soft ginger citrus

Adherence: excellent

My thoughts: The first time I tried this mask I was hooked. So much that I bought a box to give as presents to friends and family. Upon opening the pretty packaging a very subtle almost ginger citrus like essence soothes your senses, but I wish it lingered while the mask was on. The mask is made of poria cocos, a type of mushroom, giving it a soft cloth like feel. A mega plus is that it adheres very well to the face! Applause Dewytree! My family and friends also agree with me that this leaves your skin with lasting effects of plumpness and illumination. It delivers the results I expect, it’s one of those masks you just love and it only encourages me to try the whole series of Dewytree Bonan masks.

Do you have any thoughts, opinions on masks you have tried or that you would recommend? Let me know! Happy masking!

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