Spooky (eye)shadow Halloween palettes.

My favourite time of the year is swiftly creeping upon us …Halloween! For those who really get into the eerie season know how much fun it is to find the most haunting colours of makeup. Well, unless your like me that would be all year around. Today I’m going to feature my 3 favourite spooky shadow palettes. 

RevolutionHaunted House Palette



  • attic (duo chrome)
  • motel (matte)
  • decrepit (matte)
  • peril (matte)
  • survival (shimmer)
  • demonic (metallic)


  • petrify (matte)
  • phobia (duo chrome)
  • creepy (metallic)
  • monster (matte)
  • phantom (shimmer)
  • creak (metallic)


  • nightmare (shimmer)
  • psycho (metallic)
  • terror (matte)
  • lucifer (matte)
  • undead (metallic)
  • buried alive (metallic)

This vegan palette features a large house reminiscent of the Psycho house within tin packaging printed on both sides, and can be used even after the shadows hit the pan. This was my first time using Revolution shadows, all really hold a lot pigment and are creamy. Most of these are very wearable shades and if your a fan of reds, pinks, and browns this has got you covered. The best thing is that you don’t have to go grave robbing to afford this palette! (18 shades – £10)

LA SplashClassic Horror Palette


TOP ROW – all matte

  • toxic
  • psycho
  • madness
  • curse
  • blue moon

BOTTOM ROW – all matte

  • zombea
  • nightmare
  • 13th
  • voodoo
  • lights out

This ghoulish palette comes in heavy duty cardboard packaging, with a lightening slip cover. I thought these shades would be bright bolds, like the Manic Panic eyeshadow I used to wear back in the day. They are actually a bit muted and more wearable (for me). Ugh…as you may notice in the swatch, Voodoo and Zombea, were a let down for me. The pigment was far too sheer even when I tried using eye primer. Overall the other shadows are highly pigmented and have worn well with combined use of NYX Shadow Base. The packaging is so vibrant, I love it! Unfortunately, based on the shadow formulation, this is my least favourite out of the three palettes. (10 shades – £21)

Lunatick LabsVampira Palette


  • velvet moon (shimmer)
  • untarnished (metallic)
  • astro vamp (metallic)
  • necromancer (metallic)
  • nefarious (shimmer)

Again, my first time trying anything from Lunatick Labs. They didn’t have to impress me much because I’m a huge fan of Vampira already, and if the shadows failed me, I’d still wanted to keep the packaging. You can tell a lot of thought went into the design and right down to the colour names. Anyone can rock these colours for everyday into nighttime looks. I was definitely not let down in any way with this palette. The shadows are vegan, long wearing, and gorgeous! No pun intended, but Astro Vamp and Necromancy are to die for. I need to try to buy another one, to preserve it for my horror collection. (5 shades – $35)

Altogether, if your a lover of horror, a goth at heart, or just looking for some spellbinding colours these palettes are all a must have! Do you have a favourite spooky shadow or palette? Please let me know! Until next time… Happy Haunting!

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