No trick, three pumpkin skincare treats.

When we think Autumn the most symbolic vegetable is the pumpkin. Meanwhile while others aren’t fans, there are people like me, who get excited for all things pumpkin. Not only are pumpkins great for cooking and decor, pumpkin has some excellent skin care benefits.

Pumpkin skincare benefits include: 

  • Vitamin C (brighten skin)
  • Vitamin E (protects and strengthen skin)
  • Alpha hydroxy acids (increase cell turnover)
  • Zinc (acne prevention and healing)
  • Beta-carotene (hyperpigmentation and wrinkles)

I’ve picked three delicious pumpkin skin care treats:

TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL – Pumpkin Hydra Peeling Pads

Too cool for pumpkin? Never! One super fun brand I love is Too Cool For School, they always deliver with a playful artist edge to their products. I’ve had an eye on these wipes. I’m always on the look out for simple skincare. First, I thought it was going to be an itty bitty package with maybe 15-20 sheets. I was gloriously surprised to find that there are 50 pads each side, so you have a good month and a half of daily use. 

Left side – Peeling Pad, I use this before nighttime moisturiser to exfoliate all those dead skin cells and promote cell turnover containing pumpkin extract, lemon detract, Alpha, Beta, and Poly Hydroxy acids. 

Right side – Essence Pad, ideally used in the morning for a bright, moisturised complexion containing amino acids, vitamins, pumpkin extract, pumpkin seed oils, hyaluronic acid.

I love these, they are easy, convenient and has helped me maintain a fresh face and neck. There is no scent and pads are great for sensitive skin, no burning or skin reactions. (Too Cool For School Pumpkin Hydra & Peeling Duo Pads, £16)

DAYCELL – Pumpkin Cream

I have to admit the packaging got me on this one! Korean brand, Daycell, is completely new one for me. I opted for the small version as a precautionary move. Packaged in an adorable pumpkin this cream contains pumpkin extract, pineapple extract, aloe vera, arnica flower. These all combine to provide your skin to feel moisturised, firm, and to brighten. 

The consistency is gel like, and feels soothing. Pop the jar in the refrigerator for that extra refreshment. I read a few reviews that it smelled like pumpkin pie, hmmmm I’m not sure what type of pumpkin pie those people had been smelling, but it’s definitely not pumpkin pie! Rather, it smells like a soft floral perfume. After the first few applications it left my skin feeling very sticky, something I don’t particularly care for when sleeping. However realised I was just using far too much as a little goes a long way, and had better results without the stickiness. I mainly use it before bedtime, and you can really feel your skin faintly tighten. The results in the morning my skin looks bright and felt revamped. It recommends use for the whole body, but I concentrated on my face and neck. I have to say I love this too, the only downfall is the scent! (Daycell Relaxing Pumpkin Cream 13g small jar, £5)


My lips really take a beating as the weather changes. To keep them super soft, I love Jeffree Star’s Velour Lip Scrub in pumpkin pie. This was a special edition and honestly don’t know if he will release this flavour again. However, he offers an array of delicious flavours so any will do the trick to oh-so-soft lips with a sweet treat bonus, it’s edible! (Jeffree Star Velour Lip Scrub 30g, £12)

Do you have a special pumpkin skincare product you treat yourself to? Let me know in the comments! Until next time… Bye, Pumpkin.

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