Between the sheets – masks volume #2.

BOO! Initially, I formulated a plan to do a special Halloween sheet mask post. I hunted high and low for some spooky Halloween themed sheet masks to try. I placed 4 orders from various companies. I waited patiently for them for almost 6 weeks to grace my postbox. Hence why this post on sheet masks has taken entirely too long! Unfortunately and fortunately, at least one of my orders arrived…and well, the others are lost in the depths of the posts. I’m disappointed, but I did chose 2 other Halloween worthy sheet masks to try and add to this post. Now, let’s get started!

For: anti-aging, firming

Star ingredient:

  • collagen – plump and firm skin

Fragrance: light florals

Adherence to skin: ok

My thoughts: I can’t exactly meow loudly over this one. The mask itself is ok quality, nothing fancy. As far as results, its below average with my skin. There really isn’t much for me to say on this one, as it was underwhelming. I didn’t notice much of a difference in my skin besides minor hydration, but I could’ve achieved the same result with a simple moisturiser. Even though this mask wasn’t purrrfect, it did have it’s upsides: the essence absorbed quickly, the mask is super cute, and definitely photo worthy. (Got to love those cat ears!)

For: brightening, soothing

Star ingredient:

  • black rice – a mild exfoliator with antioxidants, reduces skin inflammation

Fragrance: light florals, I’m 99.9% sure it’s the exact same scent as the Berrisom animal mask above.

Adherence to skin: ok

My thoughts: I’m decided to give another Berrisom mask a whirl. This is the only Halloween mask that actually arrived…thank you Japan Haul! I felt a little goofy and no doubt look it with this mask on. Once again, not the best quality mask but its passable. It was a bit irritating to put on, the sheet was long and awkward, and didn’t cover the sides of my face. As you can see from the photo, the mouth opening was wide and left a big gap on my chin. Aside from that and after taking it off, the essence absorbed great and left my skin glowing like I woke from the dead. Which definitely proves that not all masks from the same company are created equal. They should marry the animal mask and this skull essence and that would make a much more pleasant mask experience. However, I’m not fully giving up on Berrisom masks, I do see more in my future.

For: moisturising, pigmentation

Star ingredients:

  • coconut oil – hydrates and softens skin
  • dark chocolate – full of antioxidants, promotes cell growth
  • snail filtrate – smooths fine lines and wrinkles, helps reduce hyperpigmentation

Fragrance: possibly subtle cinnamon cookies and florals?

My thoughts: When I pulled this mask out of the pack I was hopeful it was going to be My Melody’s bunny face, but it was not and that is ok! It is overall a pastel pink with adorable cuteness that you would expect from Sanrio character products. The first thing that hits you is the scrumptious smell…I couldn’t put my finger it, but it’s almost like a floral snickerdoodle. (My husband loved the smell too) This mask fit my face like a glove, hands down this is the best sheet mask fit tailored to my face I have come across. It says on the packaging that a slight tingling may be felt and is normal, I felt nothing like that. I literally didn’t want to take this one off, the adherence was near perfect and the smell was such an aromatic, relaxing treat. The results were better than expected, my skin felt soft, plump, and refreshed…plus the smell lingered on my skin which made for a pleasant night’s rest. I’m going to have to try the whole series from The Crème Shop now. I would definitely recommend this as a treat to put into your Halloween bag!

Are there any Halloween sheet masks that have tricked or treated yourself to? Let me know! Until next time…Happy Halloween!

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